There’s no message more valuable than testimonials from partners, donors, members, volunteers and program participants on their experiences with CNU-SL. Here are some from our members

I volunteer to sponsor CNU-SL projects since I know anything I donate is never wasted and the money we contribute is always put in the right cause.

Dr. Sahr Gbories
Country Director
Welfare & Education for the Girl Child - Sierra Leone

The name says it all -  Campaign for National Unity-Sierra Leone inspire me a lot  based on their non engagement is National Unity. This is what we are lacking as Sierra Leonean in order to move forward. We should put aside our personal differences and interests and focus on unity. I will forever support this movement.

Sama Banya

We’ve been supporting The Camapaign for National Unity Sierra Leone for several years now. We do so by volunteering, fundraising, direct donations as well as taking part in events and other activities organised by CNU-SL.  Our relationship with the foundation is based on the knowledge that CNU-SL has really transformed the mindset of a Sierra Leonean youth.

David C. Kamure
Starnet Africa Group

Our CNU - SL has contributed a lot to the youth in Sierra Leone. They have now started being involved positively in the political landscape of Sierra Leone and Constitution affairs. The youths are now sensitive to what affects their future. I will be always in front line to support is

Michael Kemokai