This year, 2016, the Campaign for National Unity-Sierra Leone (CNU-SL) a student, youth and grass-roots movement, with funding from its board of trustees, successfully commemorated the Youth Service

America (YSA) led Global Youth Community Service (GYCS) Day, in Freetown, capital, from April 15-17 in Sierra Leone. The event was commemorated in honor of youth and students who lost their lives during the 2014/15 Ebola out-break, particularly those who were engaged at the community level. A total of 40 (forty) students and youth (mixed of 60 :40 percent boys and girls) participated in commemorating the event. Activities mainly included TV and Radio interviews, a candle light procession, and attendance of church and mosque services. In addition during the three days celebrations, students held vigil for their colleagues based on their respective Muslim and Christian faith associations. The event increased public awareness on the critical and positive role-played by youth and students in tackling the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone.

The first day of the GYCS had full media Coverage from all major Radio and TV stations in Freetown, especially AYV and the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS) TV Station. Unifier Haja Safiyiatu Sovula a 6th year female medical student at the college of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, (COHMAS) officially launched TV conversation on behalf of CNU-SL membership at home and abroad. Haja informed the public that during the Ebola Outbreak, youth and students volunteered in various capacities, for ex-ample, they served the burial teams, contact tracing teams, undertook re-search and public awareness raising activities, supported border policing efforts, and manned various check points in support of law enforcement agencies, such as the Sierra Leone Police( SLP), the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces( RSLAF), customs and immigration officers, local council authorities and affected communities. Download Newsletter Here >>>