Monday 16 February y 2015


By Ernest Smith Secretary General SLPP-CE


Members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party Continental Europe

Region (SLPPCE), under the leadership of Chairman Solomon Baimba Mansaray, chapter

leaders and entire membership in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and senior advisers, have officially welcomed and endorsed the Bishop Humper led. Technical Facilitation Team (TFT) Unity and Reconciliation Process, as the only way forward for uniting the SLPP.  This consensus has emerged following a one-week visit, from 8 to 15 February 2015, by Jonathan Sandy (JPJ) Principal Founder

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Members of The Bishop Humper Led TFT (L-R) Mr. Humprey Swarray, Mrs. Dr. Shirley Gbujama; Bishop J.C Humper (Chair), Hon. Emmanuel Grant, Dr. Morie Manyei (Co-Chair), Mr. Sheik S. Feika (Secretary), Dr. T. Yormah. Mr. Solomon Tua, Mrs. Theresa Koroma and Mr Joe P.L Pyne at the official launch of Technical Facilitation Team for The SLPP Family Dialogue and Reconciliation Initiative on Thursday July 24, 2014 at the party's headquarters.