We are greatful for many students who have choosen Campaign for Unity Sierra Leone for their research and assignments. To help you we have compiled a number of FAQs 

What Campaign for National Unity Sierra Leone CNU-SL?

WE are a non-for profit voluntary movement desired to see improved political culture and economic prosperity, based on national reconciliation, unity and social cohesion in Sierra Leone.  We are aware of the persistent of divisiveness and mutual mistrust along political party affiliation, ethnic and regional lines. We believe a transformed political and economic system in Sierra Leone requires the full participation of committed citizens that put the principles of trust, relationship building, love for one another, unity, freedom and access to justice in our nation, first above every thing else. We are conscious that the success of CNU-SL depends in large part on the acceptance of and support for its operation by the people of Sierra Leone.

What are the Principles that Governs CNU-SL?

We work based on: Objectivity, Relevance, Credibility, Respect, Building Mutual trust and Relationships, and Impartiality. We believe in reinforcement not replacement of state and democratic institutions, and effective partnerships building for sustained ownership of the core services we deliver to our clients and target beneficiaries.

What is Mission of the Movement?

We strive towards the attainment of national reconciliation, and social cohesion amongst all regions and ethnic groups in Sierra Leone, as a source of inspiration for unity and collective actions aimed at economic prosperity for all.

What is the shared vision of CNU-SL?

Is dedication to see a unified Sierra Leone, where working and living conditions for all citizens, irrespective of political affiliation, tribe and region of origin are improved.

What is the Legal Status on the Movement?

CNU-SL is formally registered with the Government of Sierra Leone (MSWGCA/VOL/49/2014)..

Does CNU-SL Favour any Political Party?

No, CNU-SL is neither a political party nor does it favour any political movement. The movement is however involved in uniting and strengthening political parties.

What is the difference between CUT and CNU-SL?

Campaign for Unity Team is a Youth, Grassroots and Students movement aligned with SLPP with an aim of delivering unity and reconciliation within the party. CNU-SL has been working with CUT to unite SLPP since January 2013.

Who was the Founder of CNU-SL?